Our Heritage

Our Heritage

D & M Plant Hire is a large earthmoving family business that was literally built from the ground up with one truck and a lot of determination after it was first established by Doug and Margaret Phillips in 1972. Over the decades D & M Plant Hire grew substantially, evolving into the robust plant hire business it is today.

In the 1980s several family members joined D & M Plant Hire and the company expanded. Between 1990 and 2000 it employed over 60 staff and accumulated over 100 vehicles.

In 1997 Doug purchased a block of land in Cleveland, which gave birth to his manufacturing subsidiary Titan Manufacturing. Although Titan was sold to Shawx Manufacturing in February 2016, the business remains located next to D & M Plant Hire and the two companies share a strong synergy with the same values and ethics.

Doug Phillips was a smart, hardworking, hands-on businessman, who lived and breathed his company and through his projects helped shape the Brisbane we know today. Doug loved his family and deeply valued his staff. He recognised that people are the foundation for success. This is a crucial component for understanding D & M Plant Hire’s successful positioning as a leader in the earthmoving industry. Also instrumental was an emphasis on honesty and going that extra mile to ensure a high-level of service, support and customer focus was maintained.

Everything was already in place for a smooth transition upon Doug’s passing. This is why the business remains in great hands and will continue to triumph with Doug’s son Ray Phillips at the forefront as CEO. Sharing a joint vision, Ray is determined to maintain the family legacy and continue to evolve D & M Plant Hire as his father intended. Having worked alongside him for 45 years, Ray inherited his father’s prowess, hardworking attitude, remarkable business acumen and strong proactive focus on providing excellent customer service. Ray’s mother Margaret also reinforces that original legacy by continuing to be involved in the business.

D & M Plant Hire’s status as a leading earth moving business will endure. You can continue to count on their consistently high level of efficiency and professionalism that factors in change and innovation, along with the unparalleled emphasis on surpassing customer requirements that this family business is renowned for.
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