Privacy Policy
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Our Privacy statement outlines that what kind of personal info we hold, the purposes for which it is detained, and how that data is collected, used and revealed.

1. Purpose:
D&M Plant Hire is committed to and adopts the Australian Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). This Privacy Statement outlines what sort of personal information we hold, the purposes for which it is held, and how that information is collected, held, used and disclosed.
This document provides an overview of how and when personal information is collected, disclosed, used, stored and otherwise handled by the company.

2. Scope
This procedure applies to all D & M Plant Hire employees.

3. Policy
3.1. Australian Privacy Principals

D&M Plant Hire ensures compliance with the following areas under the Australian Privacy Principals:

• The Consideration of Personal Information Privacy
• Collection of Personal Information
• Dealing with Personal Information
• Integrity of Personal Information
• Access to, and Correction of, Personal Information

3.1.1 The Consideration of personal information privacy
The policy clearly outlines how the company manages employees’ personal information. This is established by how we collect, hold, and disclose personal information. It also establishes how an employee can access their personal information held by the company.

3.1.2 Collection of personal Information:
D&M Plant Hire only collects personal information that is necessary for the company to comply with legislation and employment requirements.

3.1.3 Dealing with personal Information
D&M Plant Hire will not disclose an employee’s personal information unless the employee has provided his or her written consent or it is legally required by law or subpoena.

3.1.4 Integrity of Personal Information
D&M Plant Hire will take reasonable steps to ensure that an employee’s personal information is accurate, up to date, and complete. The company will also ensure that any personal information it discloses is, having regard to the purpose of the use or disclosure, accurate, up to date, complete and relevant.
The company will take reasonable steps to protect the information from misuse, interference and loss and will ensure no unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

3.1.5 Access to, and Correction of Personal Information
The company will upon written request provide the employee with access to their personal file. D&M Plant Hire requires employees to fill out the Employees Details Form in the event that their personal information requires updating or amending.

3.2. Personnel Files
The company maintains a personnel file for each employee. Personnel files contain a copy of an employee’s employment application, letter of offer, performance appraisals and any formal counseling and disciplinary documentation. Other records associated with the administration of pay and other employment matters may also be included in the file.
Personnel files will not contain any material that has not been reviewed or discussed with the employee. The contents of employee files are strictly confidential and access is limited to Human Resources/payroll and senior management.
An employee may ask to inspect their personnel file by contacting Human Resources/payroll or a senior manager. Provided reasonable notice is given, an employee may review his or her own file in the presence of human resources/payroll or their senior manager.
The company will not permit under any circumstances the removal of either the file or any of its contents from the premises at any time during employment or after termination of employment. Upon termination files are maintained for a period of 12 months after which time they are archived in secure archiving premises. All personnel files will remain the property of the company.

3.3. Disclosure of Personal Information
D&M Plant Hire is committed to protecting the privacy of current and former employees. To assist employees who want the organisation to provide confidential information on their behalf, requests must be made in writing to Human Resources/payroll or senior manager, and must be from the individual to whom the information pertains. Only Human Resources/Payroll will respond to written requests for salary, work history, and other confidential information.
The company may, however, release information about current and former employees if the request is accompanied by a subpoena or if releasing the information is required by law.

3.4. Personal Reasons
Employees who need verification of their employment and salary details for financing purposes or for other personal reasons must submit a written request to Human Resources/payroll with at least one (1) week’s notice. Such requests must indicate that the employee authorises the company to release the required details to a nominated person or institution.

3.5. Employment Reasons
Employees may authorise their supervisor or other company representative to provide a personal reference, which includes an assessment of the employee’s job performance and accomplishments. Any such authorisation must be in writing.
A supervisor or any other employee who is asked by an existing or past employee to provide a personal reference must consult with management for advice on providing a balanced, objective view of the employee’s work record.

3.6. Personal Information Changes
It is essential that the company maintain accurate personnel records for a number of reasons including:

compliance with industrial legislation
to notify family or next of kin in the case of an accident or emergency
for income tax deductions
to ensure prompt receipt of organisational and taxation correspondence
It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that any personal details kept on record by the company remain current, by notifying the company of changes to details including address (postal or residential), phone number, pay variations and any other important personal details.

Notification is most easily made using the Employee Details Form, which should be submitted to Human Resources/payroll as soon as possible.

4. Further Information
For further information and/or clarification of this policy please see Human Resources/payroll or a senior

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